Dr. Martha Rader, faculty member at the Flagship campus, recently shared insight with over 350 attendees of the Women in Automotive Conference held in Orlando, Florida while also unveiling a Keiser University scholarship opportunity. 

As part of her presentation titled Inspiring a Positive Culture and Becoming a Cultural Diversity MVP, Rader weighed in on the importance of increased female automotive industry leaders and sales consultants while sharing exciting information relating to the Automotive Dealership Management/Women in Automotive Scholarship valued at $20,000 over four years. 

“It makes sense that organizations such as Women in Automotive and successful automotive dealerships are increasing the percentage of leadership positions for women in the industry. The leaders that work toward inspiring a positive culture and inviting a diverse workforce will likely experience higher referrals and sales,” said Rader. 

Research indicates that there is a huge gap in women sales consultants and automotive leaders, suggesting an increase in demand for more women in the automotive industry.  Women influence up to 85% of new car purchases. Because they only occupy about four percent of sales manager’s positions and seven percent of automotive sales consultant positions, with an average consultant turnover of 88%, the gap becomes fairly clear.

Rader holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership. She is a professor at Keiser University, a published journal author and President of Rader Coaching, Training & Consulting, LLC and a certified coach and trainer specializing in leadership coaching, training and change management. She also conducts executive workshops on building positive productive culture.