The Miami Psychology Club held an event during Psychology Week which consisted of a research booth where students, faculty, and staff learned about psychology and research concepts via fun experiments and activities. One of the activities was focused on selective attention. It asked participants to count how many times a basketball was passed from player to player. However, while they were counting many missed that a man dressed in a gorilla costume walked by because they were so focused on counting the number of throws. The second experiment consisted of three containers of apple juice, which color was altered with food coloring. Despite the taste of the juice being the same for all three containers (apple juice) participants were inclined to identify the juice by the color.  For example, students and faculty reported that the purple juice tasted like grape juice and the red juice was cherry flavored. This experiment showed participants how color influences taste. The goal of these activities was multi-faceted. The club wanted students to learn, understand, and apply the scientific method and share a sense of excitement for psychology and research with the fellow students. They also wanted to increase an awareness of psychology concepts on campus and to demonstrate how psychology is present in daily lives.

Psy Club Experiment Booth April 2017 - Psychology Made Fun In Miami - Academics