West Palm Beach

The inaugural class of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at the West Palm Beach Campus celebrated National Physical Therapy Month with a service project. The class did presentations on “Spine Health” to fourth and fifth graders at a local elementary school.  Topics included: Backpack Safety, Posture, Lifting Mechanics and Exercises for a Strong and Flexible Spine.  A total of 185 elementary students participated.


In celebration of Physical Therapy Month,  PTA students offered free tests and measurements for everyone on campus. The assessments included the Thomas Test, Manual Muscle Test, 30 Second Chair Stand Test, Clinical Test of Sensory Organization and Balance, and a Grip Test.

PTA month Oct. 2014 PTA month Oct. 2014 2


Ft. Lauderdale

October is recognized as National Physical Therapy month to showcase how physical therapists and physical therapist assistants contribute to society. “Take the stairs Fort Lauderdale” marked the beginning of National Physical Therapy month events.  Under the supervision of Mrs. Padrino and Ms. Ross the Student Physical Therapy Association challenged students, administration and faculty to walk from the first to sixth floor.  PTA students were able to offer assistance and also checked vital signs.  Additionally, students participated in Cancer and Parkinson’s walks to help raise awareness.  The celebration also included a student-faculty forum to discuss important issues facing the field of physical therapy.

PTA month Oct. 2014 PTA month Oct. 2014 2 PTA month Oct. 2014 3