The Lakeland Campus welcomed Representative Dr. Cary Pigman for a visit and tour.  Rep. Pigman spent time discussing legislative issues pertaining to healthcare with Lakeland students Brandon Woodrich (Radiologic Technology), Austin Richardson (Dietetics & Nutrition), and Dawne Regan (Nursing).  Representative Pigman, a US Navy Veteran, also commended the launch of the new campus Student Veterans Association (both Woodrich and Regan are also student veterans) and provided insight on the future challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the field of healthcare.

Campus President Rebecca McDonnell and Student Services Director Ryan Reis led Representative Pigman on a campus tour, joined by Office of the Chancellor Representatives TC Wolfe, TJ Long, and Jon Miller.

Representative Pigman also greeted Medical Assisting students who were congratulating each other on making the Academic Honor Roll, and helped the students take photos with the University’s recognition board to help celebrate this academic achievement.

Pigman Sept. 2014 Pigman greeting Sept. 2014 Pigman Sept. 2014 2 Pigman Sept. 2014 3


Medical Assisting students Taymiyah McLendon, Kayla Skipper, and Kenneth Wade celebrate their academic honors by posing in front of the University’s Dean’s List & Honor Roll recognition board (photo taken by Representative Cary Pigman, who was touring the campus for the day).

Pigman and MA students Sept. 2014