By: Dane’ Booth

How can I pay for college?  This is the top question in the minds of soon-to-be college students.   For those who choose to attend college out of state, this question can actually cause anxiety.  That is why it is important to know that many private colleges do not charge out of state tuition, because they are not subsidized by the state.  Keiser University, for instance, is a private, non-profit university which does not charge out of state tuition, so students from all over the country (and the globe) find this a great option to train for a new career or complete a degree they already started.  At universities like Keiser, financial aid is usually available for those who qualify.  It’s even more encouraging to know that additional institutional scholarships and funding offered by colleges like Keiser make private education affordable.

Deciding how to fund tuition can be stressful without practical and hands-on guidance.  It is of utmost importance that students know about the options available to them in paying for college, but that is certainly not the first question that arises when making a decision about education.  In fact, selection of a major and the right university which align with one’s long term goals should be established before cost is even considered.  The best way to be certain about these factors is to visit a college and meet face-to-face with an admissions counselor.  At Keiser University, admissions counselors will spend the necessary time providing all the guidance students need to take care of “first things first!”

Dane’ Boothe is the director of admissions at Kesier University