The students of the Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology Program at the Fort Lauderdale campus  were learning about many special population groups and the challenges that face them. One such population group is that of the elderly, the fastest growing population in the country.

The students had the pleasure of testing the most cooperative subject- Ms. Evelyn Keiser! Students were assessing the functional ability of Ms. Keiser, now 92, in various physical fitness parameters. She was asked to participate in seven valid and highly respected activities for seniors including muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Students were engaged in learning about how to prevent slip and falls, one of the most common reasons seniors are hospitalized. Before writing an exercise prescription for this, the students must gain knowledge about a senior’s existing health and level of functionality in everyday activities.

The class is proud to announce that Ms. Keiser either met or exceeded all of the parameters for her age and gender!

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