Recently, the Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology students at the Ft. Lauderdale campus were taught the value and application of athletic taping.

One of the lessons they learned was that after an initial assessment, underwrap and athletic tape is used for athletes and exercise enthusiasts for prevention of weak joints as well as prevention of reoccurence of an existing recovering injury.

Students taped for an ankle inversion sprain using the closed basket weave technique as well as medial tibial stress syndrome, also known as shin splints.

Cuticle capillary refill was also mastered as this is the best indication of whether or not the tape was applied too tightly, restricting circulation to the distal portion of the extremity.

The students rated the support the taping provided them and then, as technicians, had to carefully remove the tape from the student ‘athlete’ being cautious to use the specialized tape cutting tool so no lacerations to the skin would take place.

SMFT taping Jan. 2016 (1) SMFT taping Jan. 2016 (2) SMFT taping Jan. 2016 (3)