The Sports Medicine & Fitness Technology program at the Tampa campus practiced one of their mantras, a Vince Lombardi adage, “Perfect practice makes perfect”. In sticking with that mantra 23 students from the Exercise Leadership II (bachelor’s) and Health and Fitness Appraisal and Wellness (associates) combined once again as a family to compare the various standards of body fat testing.  Mr. Chris Giese of Body Fat Test of Southwest Florida was kind enough to bring his truck to the front door of the school and test the students via hydrostatic weighing – a methodology with very little minimal standard error of estimate.  The students were allowed in the truck to be individually tested, to observe testing, and to be taught proper business acumen when performing such test on clients they will encounter in the future.  The students are eager to compare and contrast the numbers from today’s experience with those previously obtained via other methodologies of testing body fat.