The Speech class from KU Port St. Lucie attended the Port St. Lucie City Council meeting at City Hall and the students had the opportunity to address the council.

John Aughinbaugh (General Studies) spoke about creating a Humane Society in Port St. Lucie while Alexy Trujillo (Paralegal Studies) addressed the council about adding more street lights to surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, David Merrill (Radiologic Technology) encouraged the council to create more awareness for motorcycle riders in Port St. Lucie with signage, awareness weeks, and partnering with his Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club.

Students researched their ideas and wrote their speeches during the first week of class after receiving feedback from the other students and their instructor. Mayor Gregory Oravec personally mentioned our students and our university to a packed house and thanked them for their comments and attendance. Councilwoman Michelle Berger addressed each student’s concerns and asked them to follow-up with her on progress. The City Council meeting is aired live on local television.

The archived meeting link can be found here.  *Scroll to 18:00 to see our students address the council.