The Sports Medicine program at the Tampa campus took anthropometric measurements to the next level.  The group welcomed Mr. Chris Giese and his mobile body fat testing truck to campus.  After two weeks of learning the foundation of body fat testing as well as performing skinfold caliper testing and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) it was time to compare their results to that of a hydrostatic weighing device. Underwater weighing is often seen as the “gold standard” in body fat analysis.  Mr. Giese was kind enough to bring his mobile laboratory to the front door of the campus and let students participate as well as observe the methodology of hydrostatic weighing.  This event was not only open to members of both the associate and bachelor level sports medicine program but also to the community.  Results were instantly tabulated and participating individuals were given an exercise proposal based on the results.  

SMFT Hydrostatic Weighing experience  July 2015 (2)