By: Mary Dynes

Keiser University offers over 90 degrees in a variety of career fields at its Florida and international campuses.  On occasion, prospective students will ask why certain degrees are offered at certain campuses and not at others.

With doctoral through associate degrees in fields such as health care, nursing, physician’s assistant, business, legal, information technology, culinary, education, and biotechnology among others, Keiser University strategically evaluates the needs of the local communities, interests of students, and demands of employers seeking to fulfill the hiring needs.  By aligning students, communities, and employers, Keiser University campuses offer the appropriate degree options that are most relevant and necessary to serve as a valued local, state, and global educational resource.

Typically Keiser University campuses across the state have degree offerings that reflect the needs of the local economy, employers, and businesses.  In addition to our own market research and economic analysis, staying current with (or in advance of) employment trends and delivering relevant curricula are key roles in which our Advisory Board members and Student Services staff provide vital input.  Across Florida, over 1,000 business leaders and industry professionals share real-time expertise to help our graduates enhance their marketability and competitive edges.

Reviewing employment needs is critical to offering the appropriate mix of degrees at various campuses, but it is not an isolated objective. Preparing graduates to obtain employment in their chosen fields in a challenging career market requires job candidates to meet employers’ additional expectation of exceptional soft skills and proven professionalism.  Keiser University offers a variety of professional development seminars, leadership distinction programs, and dress code and attendance policies purposely designed to prepare students for working and excelling in their new careers.

Mary Dynes is the Director of Admissions at Keiser University’s Lakeland campus and regularly reminds her students of one of her favorite quotes:  “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard