Time Management 

Like many of Keiser’s students my schedule is busy. The key for you to be successful in school, especially with a busy schedule, is to manage your time effectively. Some of the best practices that I apply in my life you may also find helpful, for instance prioritizing.

The first thing that you might consider doing is to make sure you prioritize things accordingly. Making sure that you take care of the most important or urgent things first will help you to stay ahead of deadlines; therefore, you won’t have to be running around at the last minute to take care of anything. Calendars are another tool available for time management.

Using a calendar is another of the things that can help you to manage your time well. Keeping a calendar takes the stress off you having to remember things and allows you to put your focus elsewhere. A calendar is a great tool for helping to schedule things out in your day such as studying or time for homework, not just meetings or appointments. Not only are calendars helpful for time management but so are making lists.

Making lists is another habit I have developed that could be very beneficial to you. While a calendar will remind you of what you need to be doing, a list serves the function of goal setting. When you make a list, you might want to think about putting all the things you want to accomplish for the day on it, starting with the most important or urgent at the top. As you accomplish each task, checking it off on the list can help you keep on task.

While many tips and tricks do exist for managing your time, the most important part is that you find a system that works for you and your lifestyle.