Sabrina Hersey

Written by: Sabrina Hersey, Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology Student, KU Fort Lauderdale

Alcohol abuse kills more than 75,000 Americans per year. While there are ways to drink responsibly, there are also ways alcohol can be abused. Here are some statistics that may help you realize what drinking can do. Between 4 out of 5 students in college drink alcohol and out of those, about 2 of them are binge drinkers. Binge drinking is when a lot of alcohol is consumed in a short amount of time. This can be because of stress, depression, or many other reasons. About 1,825 students die as a result from drinking, 150,000 develop some type of drinking problem or health issue caused by drinking, and 690,000 are assaulted by another student or students who are drinking. 97,000 are sexually assaulted or raped when alcohol was involved. 2.8 million students will drunk drive this year and 599,000 will injure themselves or others. Take a look at these numbers and let’s take a stand to stop drinking and driving. Here are a few signs that may indicate if someone is having a drinking problem:

  • Repeatedly Neglecting Responsibilities: For example, neglecting their children, performing poorly at work, poor or failing grades in school, or skipping out on work, school, personal or social commitments all together.

  • Alcohol Use in Dangerous Situations: The use of alcohol in situations where it can be physically dangerous, such as drinking and driving, mixing alcohol with prescription medication against the advice of your doctor or operating machinery while drinking.

  • Legal Problems Due to Drinking: For example, drunk and disorderly conduct, domestic disputes, driving under the influence.

  • Continued Drinking despite Relationship Problems: Alcohol is causing or making problems worse in relationships with friends, family or spouse and yet it’s still consumed.

  • Drinking to De-Stress: Many drinking problems start when people use alcohol to relieve stress. Because alcohol is a sedative drug, over time, it will take more alcohol to have the same effect. Getting drunk after a very stressful day more often, for example, or reaching for a bottle after an argument with a boss or family member more frequently.

If used in an irresponsible manner, alcohol can ruin your life in seconds. Take a stand and help create awareness for the warning signs of alcohol abuse. Remember to always think before you drink!

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