Angelica J

Written by: Angela Jaramillo, General Studies student from KU West Palm Beach

Being part of KU HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) was one of the best experiences I have been through. I knew I wanted to do more with myself and become involved in something that was exciting and HOSA was that thing for me. In high school, I was president of HOSA for all 4 years and it was fantastic being part of such a big family. When I came to KU, I wanted to share that experience with other students. HOSA allowed me to network with numerous students interested in the Healthcare field as well. When wanting to have a profession in the medical field, an important tool is to network because in any setting you are in, you will ultimately have to work with individuals to provide the best care for your patient. Many organizations give its members the ability to participate in events, in my opinion HOSA does so much more. There is a sense of community and it has allowed me to make friends with students at such a large institution. I was fortunate enough to place in the top 10 at HOSA’s National Leadership Conference this year at Anaheim, California. HOSA has always stood apart from the rest due to its members drive and desire to do great things. I am truly blessed to have served in HOSA and I am proud to say that the knowledge I have gained from it will carry throughout the rest of my life.

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