The Orlando campus is proud to announce Chelsea Nagle received a scholarship from the Florida Society of Histotechnology at their annual meeting.  She was awarded $500 as the recipient of the “Poly Scientific Excellence in Histotechnology Education”.

In her own words, “I attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Dance minor. I’ve been dancing for my entire life and still continue to practice today, ballet being my style of choice. I originally intended on becoming an MD or PA, but after hours of shadowing in different medical practices and scribing in the ER I was still unsure about my career path. I’ve always been intrigued by the laboratory setting and the “behind the scenes” part of the medical field, but I had no idea how to get there. After some research I discovered the field of histology and enrolled at Keiser University. I’m pursuing this field with confidence and excitement and I can’t wait to see the impact I can make through research and the histology/pathology lab.”

Histo scholarship June 2016