Written by: Michael Wright, Culinary Arts Grad from KU Sarasota

It all began as I was valeting one day at a restaurant that I worked at, Bella Brava. I met a gentleman and as I was returning his car he saw my text book “OnBaking” and he asked me if I was a baker. I replied no I was not but that I was in a baking class at my culinary school. Little did I know, this gentleman was the owner of a new restaurant that was opening up in the old Baywalk now known as The Sundial. I began work there a short time later and worked with the great chefs to create new recipes and dishes that I had never tasted before. Working and doing my externship here has a beautiful thing and have really enjoyed it.

I have been exposed to a lot of new things and had a really good time. I’ve learned a lot of things from butchery to being a fishmonger to making different sauces and cooking in a high-volume, fast-paced environment while producing high quality catered events. I’ve just all-around had a great time. My mentor, Chef Pedro Alvarez, is passionate and very meticulous about his craft. When he shows a demonstration of some of the products that we use it shows great care. Much thanks to the Keiser University and to all the Chefs that made this possible. I will look back on all of these moments and cherish them forever. Thank you all!

Here we are in the pasta prep kitchen where all of the pasta is created:


Moving right though the market on the floor is a cluster of intricate woven little businesses that provide services for your every needs:


The freshest seafood in town:


Until next time:


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