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 Written by: Froylan Corona II, Networking Systems & Data Communications student @ KU Pembroke Pines

Computers have always been a huge hobby for me in my spare time. I started young by teaching myself how to create PowerPoints with cool transitions. Knowing PowerPoint and its features gave me the ability to help others. I love to help people and solve their PC issues and I had tons of practice with my family’s computers.  Working on their computers I learned how to terminate viruses and how to speed up the computer, using basic windows based operations; I rapidly became an experienced Windows operator. As I got older I began to take interest in more sophisticated topics such as networking, server side scripting and database management.

Keiser University was there to help me chose the best career path that would hold my interest for the next 40 years. They brought up some great key points to help me determine which path to take. My whole life I’ve worked with software based issues but really never had the opportunity to learn how to fix hardware issues. They asked if I would be interested in learning hardware and the idea sounded great. This is how I came to the decision to study Network Systems and Data Communications. With the knowledge I’ve gained in the last four months I was able to build a top of the line 4K gaming computer. From being a software nerd to a hardware wizard KU had my back the whole way.

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