Written by: Madelyn Bonilla, Accounting student, KU Miami campus

I am a single mother, Madelyn Bonilla, who is very passionate about helping others. Since I come from a humble background, I find it very meaningful to help others. Thus, I spend most of my free time in the community, which has helped me evolve into the person I am today.  During the progress of my profession, I have worked assisting accountants by managing their books and have taken a great interest in doing so. Consequently, in order to further grow and to ascend in my field, I decided to complete my college education with an interest in Accounting. I currently attend Keiser University Miami Campus (KU Miami) and I am enrolled in the Accounting Program, which has provided me with a lot of knowledge in the industry. I must admit that I have enjoyed every moment, even though it has not been easy to juggle with work, school and my family.

My accounting professor, Mrs. Maria Nunez, introduced me to a volunteer program that she started in 2012 at KU Miami, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA).  This program is sponsored by the Internal Service Revenue (IRS) to help low income families file their taxes for free.  The experience that I have gained in being involved with this program has been incredible. I have been able to implement and use the skills that the professors have taught me at KU.  Not only has it helped me grow as a person, but it has given me much more confidence in dealing with a variety of clients, with different situations.

This has been my second year helping in this program and my professor has appointed me as one of her coordinators. This prestigious position has helped me develop my leadership skills in delegating duties to other volunteer members and in training them as well. It has also confirmed my passion with helping others and has given me great satisfaction and fulfillment in giving back to the community. As a result, I found myself being more compassionate, understanding, sympathetic, a great listener and communicator. My fellow peers, my taxation professor and myself make a great team in the Vita Program. We all have with the same goal in mind.. helping others.

All I can say is thank you KU Miami for providing such a great opportunity and experience.  Also, thanks to my professor for guiding us, when we come across difficult returns and for always looking out for us. Kudos to the President, dean, Ms. Acebal from the IRS, and everyone else at KU that supported this program.


2015 VITA Volunteers


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