Written by: Marilyn Gonzalez, Allied Health Graduate, KU Miami

My journey as a Keiser student began in August 2006 as I pursued my Associates in Science of Radiology. I didn’t know it at the time but this program, the people I would meet in it, and its professors would set the course for my future and change my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. In this program I not only received an extraordinary education but I also acquired eight life-long friends and created several professional relationships with my professors. One in particular stands out above the rest and still continues to shape my life today; her name is Mrs. Elena Felipe the director of the Radiology program at KU’s Miami campus. Through her undying belief in me and her ability to tell me the truth about myself, my education, and who she believed I could become, I became so much more. She was my mentor, my inspiration, and my hope when I had none.

I now am a three time graduate of Keiser; I obtained my Bachelors of Health Science in 2013 and recently completed my Masters of Science in Education Allied Health Teaching and Leadership. Through this educational journey with KU I not only acquired the skills I needed to be a great worker but also medical knowledge that helped me be a better mother to a special needs child. I have been a full-time Multi-Modality Technologist for Baptist Health South Florida for the past five and a half years and I am licensed in CAT scan, Mammography and X-ray. I currently am training to become a leader within the Baptist organization which I have my master’s degree to thank for. I am forever grateful for having been accepted into KU’s doors.

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