Justin Dufy, in his second year in the Physician Assistant (PA) program writes about his recent research:

“I did a 5-week rotation at one of the leading institutions in the world, Johns Hopkins.  I spent many hours doing clinical research and personally collaborated with the bloodless medicine and surgery team at Hopkins.  I was responsible for gathering and running statistical analysis on data to help with research aimed at improved patient outcomes utilizing bloodless surgery.  I was privileged to also study and participate in other research while there.  Dr. Steven Frank, an experienced, internationally renowned anesthesiologist, served as my preceptor during these 5 weeks.  At the conclusion of my rotation he extended the invitation for me to attend the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM) annual conference in Houston, TX and present the poster abstract on one of the studies they conducted.  It was truly an honor to have all my expenses paid for to attend the conference by SABM and it would open opportunities I could only begin to imagine.  My presentation took 3rd place!”