Larry Alspaugh, Dietetics and Nutrition Student at KU Lakeland

I didn’t know what to expect when I started at KU. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about KU prior to coming here but the VA representatives were very thorough and I gained a lot more information once I stepped foot on campus. The faculty and staff were very receptive and gave me great explanations of what to expect and what they expect from me. They have by far exceeded my expectations.I decided on KU as a local resource because I have a very hectic, busy schedule with work, family life and lots of extracurricular activities. KU helps me focus on school all the while giving me the opportunity to spend time with my business and family functions.

My experience as  a student has been really positive. I’m involved with several groups here on campus. It’s a very conducive and positive environment for learning.  The faculty is really receptive to your questions and to providing extra help outside the classroom if you need it. After graduation I plan to open my own dietetics practice and work in a healthcare setting, hopefully in a hospital or nursing home. KU has given me a lot of basis to start my own practice and good business tips to help me along the way.

I strongly recommend KU to those looking to pursue their college education. They let you focus strictly on one class at a time and I have really liked that. Sometimes trying to focus on three or four different courses is a lot to take on, especially if you have responsibilities outside the classroom. They are accelerated classes and it is a lot to learn in one month, but focusing on one subject helps it from being too overwhelming.