The Pembroke Pines campus is proud to announce that Maria Irene has won the ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) National Student Honor Award. Dr. Galina Negrouk, Chair of the Histotechnology department, nominated her for the award and describes her as “hardworking”, “dedicated”, and “extremely focused”. Maria Irene is a full-time student, mother to a five-year-old and a homemaker, yet she manages to consistently maintain high grades.

Maria Irene is also described as “highly disciplined”, a fact that can be verified by her punctuality after a daily 50-mile drive from home. She demonstrates excellent skills at laboratory work and at other histotechnology procedures, and “already works as an accomplished histotechnologist”. Dr. Negrouk also commends her for her analyzing and troubleshooting acumen. Not surprisingly, she frequently appears on the Dean’s list, and makes A’s in class assignment. In addition to maintaining excellent standards in her own work, Maria Irene is also deeply invested in her classmates’ success, frequently devoting time and effort in the form of advice and explanations, to help them succeed as well. In addition, this truly amazing young woman is involved in leadership activities such as participating in different community outreach programs for migrant children, being a member of the Spanish honor society, volunteering for her son’s PTA, and for the YMCA as a soccer coach and mentor.