Written by: Christine Fazzino, President of SOTA at Keiser University- Miami

The Student Occupational Therapy Association, or SOTA, is a student organization designed to promote awareness about Occupational Therapy.  This is done through community involvement as well as fundraising for SOTA and for other organizations. Throughout the month of June, we are raising money for Autism Awareness through Autism Speaks. Within a week and a half, we’ve raised over $500! In the past, SOTA has also fundraised for many other organizations increasing awareness for a variety of diagnoses, and has provided individuals throughout the community with knowledge about Occupational Therapy.

Joining SOTA has been an amazing experience. I have learned about my classmates, Occupational Therapy, and myself in the process. I have been able to look into many organizations and find ways that can promote awareness about what Occupational Therapy is and what services therapists can provide. Having a faculty liaison has provided the council of SOTA with more education about how we can promote more awareness throughout the school and community.

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