My Wilkinson Cup Caddie Experience

By Connie Rummel

As a student at the College of Golf, I was excited when the memo came around for volunteers to be caddies for a small LPGA charity event at none other than PGA National. I had heard stories about the guys caddying for the Honda Classic and was anxious for my opportunity. It was an up before the crack of dawn type of morning as it was a 7:00 am show time and I had a 2 hour commute. I arrived at least 30 minutes early, and anxiously waited.

We were checked in one by one, each of us excited to see who our player was. I was thinking we were caddying for the amateurs but that wasn’t the case for all. I have to admit I was envious when fellow class mates got Christina Kim, Sandra Gal, and Brittany Lincicome. They were all players I knew and had watched both on T.V. and in person. My turn came and I drew Gerina Piller, whom I was unfamiliar with. I soon found out she was part of the top 10 finishes on the LPGA tour and had been a contestant on the Big Break Prince Edward Island. How exciting!

We all waited behind a four foot wall designed to hide us out until our player arrived. It was a lot of fun to watch each guy as their player was called and they excitedly grabbed their bag, and head to the range. I was one of the last few caddies awaiting arrival. I have to be honest, I was hoping, being the only female there that my pro had downsized for the day. Of course not! Pure Silk bright pink cart bag! I was a little worried. Finally when it was my turn, Gerina showed up! I hastily grabbed her bag as she walked up to me and introduced herself. Then it was my turn to shuffle off to the range.

As an inspiring golf instructor, it was a joy to stand and watch all the other professionals preparing for their round. They all had their unique techniques and styles. We all had our cameras out, preserving as many memories as we could. As if that wasn’t excitement enough, I got to walk 18 holes with the 41st ranked LPGA tour player, ranked 4th in driving distance in 2014! I even heard one of the guys say, “I wish I hit like a girl!” All in all, caddying was a great experience for me; I can’t wait for the next opportunity. Gerina Piller gained a lifelong fan last Saturday.

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