I am James Harlow, a KU student from the Orlando campus in the Associate of Science in Medical Assisting program. I wanted to give my fellow KU students some words of advice when it comes to being a student.

First and foremost, you must believe in yourself! Regardless of which program you are enrolled in, the first step in achieving success is believing that you can! Others can believe in and have the utmost confidence in you, but you are the only one who can push yourself and pave the path for your future. A wise man once told me, ‘you are the man (or woman); don’t let anyone tell you any different’.

Secondly, consider your instructors to be your friends. They may be harsh, but they know what it takes to prepare you for life after college. Like Sister Mary Clarence said in one of my favorite movies, Sister Act II, ‘You want to be somebody? Want to go somewhere? You better wake up and pay attention’. If you are unclear about something and have questions, approach someone that has the ability to clarify. Your professors and administrators are there to help you succeed, but you have to make the first step.

Furthermore, utilize the tools that are offered to you: free tutoring, study groups, 24/7 online library and you also have the ability of using outside sources from the internet to your advantage. I, myself, find study groups most beneficial. Whether you have one partner, or a group, being around like-minded people will keep you focused and determined. Remember to also take small 10-15 minute breaks when you’re studying. Cramming can cause your brain to overload and not function when you need it the most.

Following these three tips will benefit your life as a college student. Students must take advantage of any opportunity that will assist them on their journey to their career. Your self-confidence, teachers, and school-aiding devices are all important to your life as a student. One of your goals as a student at KU should be to inherit these three traits: integrity, truth, and wisdom. It is up to you to achieve these goals, so make sure you are taking steps in the right path!

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