Community partnership plays out in  many ways.   The Fort Myers campus has been enjoying the sweet sounds of volunteer pianist, Bobbee Cera, since hosting a lovely baby grand piano in the atrium.  Bobbee recently relocated to Lehigh Acres from New Jersey, where she was entertaining for the last 30 years.  Her repertoire consist of over 5, 000 songs, and will take student, faculty and staff requests.  When not playing the campus piano, Bobbee runs a 3 month piano instruction course entitles, “The Piano Bar”.  She presently teaches at the Veteran’s Park and Recreation Center in Lehigh Acres and also at the Lehigh Acres Senior Center.  When not playing piano, Bobbee enjoys creating beautiful art for, “Arts of the Inland”.  Some of her beautiful art is currently on display at the Fort Myers campus as well.