OTA academic Sept. 2015 (1)

The OTA students recently learned about Bioness, a neuroprosthesis, in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Treatment Strategies class. Heather Ward, PTA, who is a representative for Bioness, shared this advanced technology. Students learned how the devices can improve function for both upper and lower extremities, and had an opportunity to try them out. The need for evidenced based practice, and how items obtain FDA approval was covered. Heather also spoke on other exciting developments in technology, and how this new equipment can be incorporated into treatment sessions to improve the quality of our patients lives.


OTA academic 2 Sept. 2015 (2) OTA academic 2 Sept. 2015 (1)

In Musculoskeletal Disorders and Treatment Strategies the OTA students learned about amputations and prosthetics when Alison Hunn, a retired teacher with a below knee amputee, visited the class. Alison graciously shared her story of how vascular insufficiency resulted in the loss of her leg. Donna Crawford, the class instructor, was her OT at the time, and together they shared the goals, treatments and challenges of her rehabilitation process, emphasizing both the patient’s and therapist’s viewpoint. The students learned how to don and doff (put on and take off, for lay people) a prosthesis, and how she has adjusted to her new way of living.