The Tampa campus held a half-day event  for local high school students on “The CSI Effect: ‘Un’reasonable Doubt”.  KU students, faculty, and staff also attended the event.

Some of the community members who attended to demonstrate their equipment and tactics are specialty teams from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office including K9, Emergency Response Team (ERT), Marine Unity, Bomb Disposal Unity, and the Dive Team.

“Coordinating a community event of this scope, in order to bring together such a wide-range of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, will be a true learning experience for the students who will be in attendance,” stated Brandon Barnhill, Campus President.

Additionally, there was a panel discussion on the topic of the day, The CSI Effect.  The panelists who attended were Chief Holloway, St. Petersburg Police Department; Robin Fuson, attorney; a Lab Technician from the FDLE Tampa Crime Lab; a Crime Scene Technical from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office; a Criminal Court Judge.

Throughout the half-day event there were break-out sessions in the classrooms and labs engaging the guests in hands-on activities in the areas of crime scene processing, blood splatter analysis, interrogation techniques, and criminal case law evaluation.  Finally, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit conducted a demonstration of their abilities to locate and apprehend suspects.

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