In order to apply the APA and researching skills they had been learning in class, students in Professor Jones’ ENC 1101 were given scavenger hunt questions that led them through resources, databases, and formatting. The hunt began with questions aimed at familiarizing the students with the resources available to them on the third floor of the Tampa campus.  “Whose business cards are displayed on the circulation desk?” “Who is in room 313?” and “What is written on the board in the Teaching and Learning Center?” were a few of the questions that got the students off and running. As the students made their way around the physical space, the questions became more and more advanced, with each one building on the previous one. Directions like, “Locate a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets and create an in-text citation using a quote from page 35.” and “Use a word from the sonnet to create a keyword search for the library database and write an APA reference for the eighth scholarly article listed with that keyword.” were some of the tasks for the second part of the hunt. The activity continued as students navigated their way through the stacks and online resources, all while documenting their findings in proper APA format. Outbursts of “Found it!” and “Is that peer reviewed?” could be heard throughout the morning as students enjoyed gaining valuable insights and bonding with their classmates.

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