In late September, 2014, the Tampa campus offered the National Association of Legal Assistance (NALA) Certified Paralegal Exam.  The NALA Certified Paralegal Exam is an exam that certifies paralegals in the state of Florida.  The Florida Supreme Court strongly encouraged that all paralegals be certified.  Although the certification is not currently mandatory, it is expected to become mandatory soon.  Professor David Fernandez proctored the two day exam with the assistance of Seth Kanowitz, Program Coordinator, Professor Masable Baker and Librarians, Debra Bogart and Marilene Riemer.  Seth Kanowitz, Professor Fernandez and Professor Baker are both from the Legal Studies and Paralegal Program faculty.

The Tampa campus has become more involved in the opportunities for our paralegal and legal studies programs.  One such activity is providing the certification exam in a familiar and comfortable testing environment at their own campus.  As a result, more of our students are becoming interested in taking the exam.  The exam is also opened to the public and others who which to take the exam are welcomed.  Furthermore, such activities provide our students with more exposure to the paralegal profession and other related opportunities.  In addition, it assists our students to become more focused on a pathway within the legal field; first as paralegals and second as law students.

The next exam at Tampa is scheduled for the end of January, 2015.

Paralegal Certification Exam Oct. 2014 2