Legal Studies Professor David Fernandez took his Wills, Trust & Estates class to visit the Honorable Judge Herbert J. Baumann, 13th Circuit Court in Tampa.  Judge Baumann presided over the Probate Court, where issues related to Wills, Trusts and Guardianship where heard that day.  There was also an interesting wills dispute where a group of interested parties were in Tampa and another group was in Israel.  Due to the different laws in Israel, the court needed to consult with two sets of lawyers and witnesses, some in the United States and others in Israel.  It was a great learning experience for the students who were able to follow the issues and the arguments presented that day.  They were only able to do so because they had learned these same concepts in class.  Professor Fernandez states:  “By having the students attend court, they see in action what they learn from the books and in class”.  The students actually wanted to go back to court and hear more cases.