Tampa’s Biomedical Science students were given a remarkable opportunity to visit the Molecular and Microbiology labs at Morsani College of Medicine & Department of Integrative Sciences at the University of South Florida. Students learned about cell techniques that are being designed in the lab for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.  While visiting the Integrative Sciences Department, students were given the chance to view various types of fungus and bacteria, and learned the importance of microbial source tracking which is critical in analyzing water cleanliness. At the conclusion of their visit, students were given an exclusive opportunity to view fluorescent cancer cells, and review the cost of a core research facility capable of conducting biomedical research. The students are grateful to researchers Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, Dr. Totary Hana, and Dr. Valerie Harwood for sharing their research and biomedical laboratory.   The site visit was arranged by Tampa’s Biomedical Science Program Coordinator, Dr. Clare-Anne Canfield.

Biomed research lab Aug. 2016 (1)