During this terms Criminal Investigation course, Criminal Justice Instructor Chris Cozzolino educated his students on how to identify, develop and lift latent prints using magnetic powder for comparison and identification purposes. Students were provided with a variety of surfaces on which to develop and lift latent prints.  Each student left several fingerprints on each surface, then were assigned the task of powder brushing for development and tape lifting onto a permanent backing card for preservation and identification. Finally, students were tasked with classifying each print into Arch, Loop, Whorl, or Accidental pattern groupings and match each print with a previously ink rolled known sample. By bringing this exercise into the classroom, students were able to synthesize their learned skills into practical applications! It was a great day for these Criminal Justice students as they also participated in “jeans day” as a part of the Student Appreciation BBQ before their exercise on investigative techniques.

CJ hands on lab exercise May 2015 (2)