Tampa’s Sports Medicine Fitness Technology (SMFT) students were given an opportunity to meet Mr. Mark Gochenour, an exercise physiologist and speed specialist located in Tampa.  Mark is a doctoral candidate from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, and was a 2008 Olympic hopeful; he was ranked as high as 32 in the United States in the 200m. Mr. Gochenour has also built and developed exercise physiology labs during his stint in the military while overseas, and currently is the co-founder of Diesel Fitness in Tampa which serves as one of the SMFT extern sites. The 30 students currently enrolled in SMFT core was enriched with supplemental instruction regarding the anatomy of the Olympics’ 100m and 200m races. Mr. Gochenour’s presentation covered relevant topics such as physics, biomechanics, muscle nomenclature, exercise physiology, and various phases of efficient sprint mechanics.  Mr. Gochenour’s presentation enriched student’s functional and practical knowledge of applied kinesiology and prevention of athletic injuries courses.  In conclusion, Mr. Gochenour stated that he loves Tampa’s students and has exhibited this sentiment by having seven students on his staff!

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