We practically live on our smartphones, using different apps every day. We use apps to stay connected with others, read the news (who gets a newspaper anymore?), watch cat videos, and of course upload selfies. Although those are very important tasks performed every day, did you know that there are also tons of free apps out there that will make your life as a college student a billion times easier? Yeah, me neither. I was too busy watching cat videos too. I just so happened to run across one the other day and started looking for others. Oh, the glorious makers of the app stores!

Here you go! (Please, hold your applause until the end) 🙂

·         Blackboard Mobile Learn – My online students! You will really enjoy this one! This app allows you to login to your class, view and upload content, as well as chat with other students straight from your mobile device!

Available for the following devices: Android/Blackberry/iOS.

·         Evernote – This app allows you to insert notes and share them with all of your devices via the cloud. No more pen and paper!

Available for the following devices: Android/Blackberry/iOS/Windows Phone.

·         Evernote Peek – Remember a few posts back when I said flashcards are the best invention ever (or something to that effect)? Well Evernote apparently felt the same way because they took flashcards to the next level by creating an app that works in conjunction with Evernote to convert your previously recorded notes into a flash card-style study guide. That is twice the study material with half of the work!

Currently is only available for the iPad.

·         Dropbox – Tired of having to keep track of those troublesome USB drives? Download Dropbox! This app gives you access to your documents wherever you might be! This app will quickly become your BFF when you forget to bring your paper to class and Dropbox is there to save the day.

Available for the following devices: Android/iOS.

·         Google Drive – This is similar to Dropbox, except you can edit your documents without having to download them to your computer. You can also share certain documents with others and give them permission to just view, or view and edit. I actually use this app a lot and have found it very useful when working in group projects because multiple students can go in and edit the same document.

Available for the following devices: Android/iOS.

·         myHomework – This app’s purpose is to help you keep track of your classes and assignments. It gives you a friendly reminder each time an assignment is due, and which class it is in. How awesome is that!?

Available for the following devices: Android/iOS.

·         Google Play Books – This app has millions of books, some free and some you must buy. You could use this app as additional resources for papers or projects!

Available for the following devices: Android/Blackberry/iOS/Windows Phone.

·         Any.DO – This app helps you to manage your time effectively by sending you reminders on when certain tasks need to be performed. You input your daily tasks and it provides you with a checklist as well as the reminders. It also has geolocation so that if you walk near let’s say the bookstore on campus, it will remind you to buy your next textbook.

Available for the following devices: Android/iOS.

(You may now applaud) Thank you, thank you.

Seriously though, I hope this helps you with your journey through college. Do some more research and see what else you can find. I for one will be grabbing any helping hand made available, including these apps. Anything that makes my life easier gets my approval!

As always, feel free to email me with your comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions!

Your fellow KU student,