By Donald DeSormoux

Time management is one of the most important skills necessary to achieve success in online education. Students of all ages have different sets of priorities. The ability to access class 24/7 allows you to develop the routine that works best for you. Challenges are always present; how you overcome those difficulties makes a difference. Many experiences can help you become a better professional and provide you with strategies to communicate successfully in key situations. Flexibility is important. Online education allows you to balance your time so you can effectively manage your daily responsibilities while achieving your academic goals. If you are struggling with time management seek help from experts on campus. Professional staff is available to provide you support. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice. Having a sense of urgency to manage your time reflects your motivation and desire to succeed. All students, particularly those who juggle school, family and jobs, can relate to feeling overwhelmed. Take the time to interact with faculty and staff.  Reaching out for help may also establish meaningful relationships, which may help you network in the future. Build those important relationships. Set a routine that will help you manage your time.  Change starts with you. It might not come easy, but it can be done. Think of the positive impact of controlling your daily routine. Take one step at a time and remember individualized help is always just a click or phone call away. Do not underestimate the power of an online degree, or your ability to achieve more than you can imagine.

Dean Donald DeSormoux is an accomplished professional with comprehensive experience in academics, admissions, housing operations, student affairs, and residence life. Dean DeSormoux is currently the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of General Education for the Online Division of Keiser University. His collegiate work experience from Florida State University, Nova Southeastern University, Lynn University, and St. Thomas University include specializations in Leadership and Team Building, Project Coordination/Management, Employee Relations, Student Affairs, Higher Education Administration, and Crisis Management.