Name and job title at KeisrU?

Aaron Cordner, Military Affairs Specialist

Veterans Corner Aaron Cordner 2016

When did you serve and in what branch of the military?

I served in the Air Force between 1996 – 2000

What did you do in the military?

I was a Fuels Specialist(Refueled jets on the ground)

Tell us a little about what your role is at KeiserU?

I help the veterans that go to school at all of our campuses. I help train the points of contacts at the campuses that our veterans speak with on a daily basis. I help certify their benefits, post their VA benefit payments when they come in and make sure that the campuses are helping the veterans in the best way we can.

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of during your time with Keiser?

My favorite accomplishment and the one I am most proud of is that I found my fiancée here at Keiser.

Veterans Corner Aaron Cordner 2016 (2)

What is one thing about you that no one knows?

I touched a B-2 Stealth Bomber, which is a big no-no I found out after I touched it.