Keiser University’s Dr. Anthony Berrios recently shared his expertise with anchor Ashleigh Walters of WPTV to weigh in on areas in which a home can be left vulnerable for criminal activity.

Berrios, an Associate Dean and Criminal Justice Instructor at Keiser University’s West Palm Beach campus, spent the morning at an undisclosed home with Walters and her NBC crew to walk through common areas that homeowners sometimes leave vulnerable. Sharing knowledge gained from both his criminal justice education and his years of law enforcement and investigative experiences, he shared practical advice relating to the criminal mindset, and common methods they use to quickly gain access to a dwelling.

Sharing that most criminals have a common modus operandi or method of break-in, Berrios pointed out a number of practical steps homeowners can take to prevent themselves from joining over 2 million burglary victims a year. Please visit here to view the segment and to read the full article.

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Berrios, a Criminal Justice instructor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Keiser University is a former law enforcement officer who served as a Deputy Sheriff in Central Florida.  Retiring in 2006, Dr. Berrios has been focusing on research and teaching at institutions of higher education.  Dr. Berrios received a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, a MS in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida, and a BA in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College.  His primary research interest relates to Modern Police Management, particularly the impact of use of force on police organizations and the communities they serve.