The WPB Campus Graphic Arts & Design (GAD) program teamed up with the Information Technology (IT) program to visit the Urban League of Palm Beach for a technology assessment. The Urban League is a non-profit that helps 100’s of thousands of individuals county wide every year.  A growing issue was made clear at their last board of directors meeting, that they have a need for an IT upgraded system.

As an active member of the Urban League Young Professionals organization, Darius McDougle, GAD Program Director, he was made aware of the issue.  Mr. McDougle teamed up with Chris Hernandez, IT Program Director, to organize a

class project involving a full assessment & needs analysis of the headquarters of the Urban League facility. The servers, computers, printers, internet connections & etc. were assessed by Mr. Hernandez’s entire class.  With design aid from the GAD program, they are working together to create a presentation of their findings.

The Urban League staff was amazed at that professionalism and expert knowledge our faculty and students.