By Ron Lewis

Keiser University’s College of Golf and Sport Management’s Director of Admissions, Sabrina Mohammed, addresses this frequently asked question from prospective college students. 

The transferability of previously completed college coursework is always up to the receiving institution.  Prospective college students should conduct thorough research on the accreditation of any college or university they plan to attend.  For example, Keiser University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and offers degrees ranging from the associate to doctoral levels.  An admissions counselor can provide the documents necessary for applicants to submit to any college or colleges previously attended to request that your official transcripts be sent to the university registrar.  Keep in mind prospective students will be required to pay for any transcript fees required by the college and the transcripts must be sealed.  After the registrar receives the official sealed transcript, the academic dean will review it to determine which, if any, of the prior courses completed are eligible for credit into the desired degree program.  At Keiser University, a maximum of 50 percent of total required courses can be transferred into your chosen degree program, upon approval of the academic dean.  The best practice is to plan ahead and order your transcripts well in advance of your program beginning as the length of time in processing official transcript requests can vary from university to university.