We want to thank all of the Keiser University campuses for their enthusiastic participation in the SWAG video challenge!  The response to them on YouTube has been great and the Office of the Chancellor is proud of the time each campus took to make their video.

All of the SWAG videos have been watched by the judges and the votes are in for the winner of this challenge!

Each campus was awarded points based on their creativity, use of the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and overall campus involvement.  Three campuses tied for the best SWAG video and all were in Division 1 – eCampus, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando!!! Congratulations to these three campuses for their exemplary display of school spirit!

The Division champions are as follows:

Division 1 – eCampus, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando

Division 2 – Pembroke Pines, Fort Myers

Division 3 – Flagship

To view all of the SWAG videos, go to the Keiser University YouTube channel.

Again, thank you for showcasing your Seahawk Spirit and we look forward to sharing the winning videos at this year’s Statewide Graduation!