Let’s make sure we have a fantastic Winter break by acing those finals this week. Remember to:

  • Study in a quiet, calm, environment that will allow you to focus all of your attention on your material. It’s hard to retain information if you are getting distracted every two seconds.

  • Put your phone somewhere you cannot reach it! You’ll never get any work done scrolling through Facebook. (Don’t worry, It’s a temptation that we all suffer from!)

  • Use FLASHCARDS! Seriously. This is like THE BEST invention ever created. It’s inexpensive and a great way to memorize those pesky vocab words.

  • Try studying with a partner. This isn’t for everyone one, but I find it beneficial to have a partner quiz me on the material before I take a test. But make sure you choose your partner wisely! If they’re getting distracted, you’re likely to follow suit.

  • Try not to memorize your notes word for word. Sometimes test questions aren’t worded the same way they’re stated in your book or study material. Understanding the concept will prevent that from hindering you during a test.

  • Take breaks! Studies have proven that there is such a thing as ‘over studying’ for a test. (This will now be my excuse any time I perform poorly on a test)

I hope these tips benefit you in some way! Are you planning to buy yourself a last minute Christmas gift as a reward for finishing your finals – or is that just me? I tend to study a little harder when I have some extra incentives. In fact, you should add that into the study tips for motivation!   🙂

Good luck to you all!