KU’s West Palm Beach Campus is preparing for 2018 Spring Commencement coming up on May 11th at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.  Recently, the keynote speaker for this year’s ceremony, Palm Beach City Commissioner Christina Lambert, toured the campus to learn more about the University and the graduates she will be addressing. She talked with some Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology April Graduates who will be participating in the graduation ceremony.  Here are comments from the students who she  met on her visit.


After the housing market collapse of 2008 I found myself listless and without direction. I had been a land surveyor, and after the collapse I couldn’t find work. I spent many years bouncing from job to job, never finding a career. Then I met a wonderful woman who inspired me to return to school, and to reinvest in my own future. Keiser University gave me the opportunity to do just that.” –Michael Davis


“I have been in sales and finance my entire career. However, when I moved here from California 5 years ago I witnessed a need for help in the healthcare sector for people who served in military and veteran services. I decided to continue my education in the healthcare field as a radiologic technology so that I could become part of a team assisting our military heroes.” -Jennifer Bier


“My mother graduated from Keiser University Nursing Program in 2016 after hearing of her experience I decided to follow in her footsteps a seek a degree in Radiologic Technology at Keiser University.” –Toni Ann Roache


“I am the first out 13 children 6 sister and 6 brothers to graduate from college. –Dante Louis


I wanted to do something different in my life that would challenge me intellectually and as a person.  Becoming an RT has done both.” —Karen McMillan



“Out of three kids I am the first to graduate with a college degree.”–Teiler Melecio