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Welcome to Admissions!

Bienvenido to the Admissions Office of Keiser University Latin American Campus!  We
provide you with the information and tools that will enable you to make the right choice in
choosing a university and achieving your goals.

Keiser University offers a quality, American-accredited degree, at an affordable cost and in
an international, Latin American environment.  Keiser University is proud to continue the
Catholic identity that was established since 2000.  We offer small classes and a highly
qualified faculty that will exceed your expectations.

Your choice of university and program will be vital to your future success. Our graduates
are known to be professionals in demand in the regional and international job markets.
The Admissions Staff welcomes your queries and aims to aid you as you discern your
college selection.  We encourage you to apply!

Best regards,
Director of Admissions


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The following section applies only to applicants/students at the San Marcos,
Nicaragua Latin American Campus:

  1. A completed Keiser University Application for Admission
  2. An official high school transcript with un-weighted GPA above
    2.8 or college GPA above 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
  3. Transfer students:  For students with less than 24 credit hours,
    high school records are requested
  4. An SAT (code 3840) score equal to or above 1580 or an ACT
    (4813 code) score equal to or above  22
  5. Students whose native language is not English may be admitted
    with a minimum score of 500 on the paper based TOEFL exam
    (which is the equivalent of 173 on the computer based TOEFL or
    61 on the internet based TOEFL).
  6. One well-constructed essay on either of the following topics:
    1. Describe why you would like to attend Keiser University
      and what you hope to gain from your time here (500 words)
    2. Describe a character who has had an influence on you
      and explain that influence.
      1. This person must be a character in literature
        or an historical figure. 
      2. Essays should be typewritten and demonstrate
        consideration for content as well as grammar style.
  7. Two letters of recommendation from individuals not related to the
    applicant that provides thoughtful reflection on the applicant´s ability to
    succeed at Keiser University.  Two letters should include an academic
    reference from an academic source (teacher, guidance counselor, or
    tutor), as well as a character reference from a pastor or employer.

Transfer applicants

  1. In addition to Freshman requirements, transfer applicants must have
    a minimum college grade point average GPA of 2.0 (70 on a scale of 0-100)
    and official college transcripts from each college previously attended,
    whether or not credit was earned, must be mailed directly to the Admissions
    Office.  Transfer applicants who have passed 30 or more semester units of
    college coursework (non-remedial) in a regionally accredited U.S. college
    with a GPA of 2.0 or higher are exempt from the high school transcript and
    admissions exam requirements for Freshman. 
  2. Two letters of recommendation.  In some instances, a personal interview
    with a University representative may be required.


Applicants who do not meet the established admissions criteria may be considered for
conditional or probationary admission by the (faculty) Admissions Committee, Chaired by
the Academic Dean.  Students admitted conditionally or on probation may be required to
take remedial courses that do not count toward degree completion and/or attend
counseling and tutoring in the Center for Academic Excellence and may also only be
allowed to enroll in a limited number of regular degree-related courses. Grades for
students admitted conditionally are reviewed at the end of the semester. Students who
make acceptable progress and fulfill the conditions of their admission are allowed to
continue their studies as regular students.


Applicants who appear to meet the minimum admission criteria for regular admission, but whose admission applications are still incomplete three weeks prior to registration, may be issued a “Clearance-to-Register.”  These applicants are then permitted to register for classes, with the understanding that their status as regular students admitted to the
institution is not resolved until they submit the remaining materials necessary to complete
their application. Failure to comply with the submission of all required documentation can
result in suspension from classes unless rectified in a timely manner (one semester


2013-2014 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees


Initial fees
Application fee (non-refundable)                         $ 50.00


Full Time Rate - Resident Student (12 - 18 Semester credit hours)




$6,090.00 per semester

Meal Plan A

$1,500.00 per semester

Meal Plan B

$1,700.00 per semester

Education Fee (Technology, Activity and other Fees)

$   225.00 per semester


Full-Time Rate - Commuter Student




$6,090.00 per semester

Education Fee (Technology, Activity and other Fees)

$   225.00 per semester

Part time students below 12 credits, and enrollment beyond 18 credits of the
permitted full time rate will be charged at $406 per credit hour.


Special Fees


ID card $ 5.00
ID Replacement Fee $ 7.00
Drop/Add Fee $20.00
Dormitory Reservation Fee $25.00
Official Transcripts $25.00
Business Office Clearance, (Each Additional Copy) $2.00
Duplicate Dormitory Key $16.00
Charge For Returned Check $30.00
Vehicle Registration (Including Decal), Per  Semester $20.00
Graduation Fee $700.00
Delayed Payment Charge (Automatically Posted to Student's Account) $30.00
Officials Records Office Letters $2.00
Stamps for CNU Accreditation $30.00
Note: All fees are subject to change  



Yadira González
Interim Director of Admissions

Yadira González is the Interim Director of Admissions and she has worked continuously
with the Latin American Campus since its founding in 1993.  In addition to Director of
Admissions, Ms. Gonzalez has also held the positions of Director of Career Services and
Study Abroad.  A native of the city of Diriamba in the Department of Carazo, Yadira worked
for IBM in Nicaragua prior to 1981, before moving to Miami, Florida where she worked for
the United Bible Society.  She is fluent in English and Spanish.


César Salcedo
Admissions Strategy Director

César is the Admissions Strategy Director and Admissions Counselor for students from
the United States and Nicaragua.  A Nicaraguan native, Cesar was raised in California. 
He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mobile Latin American Campus
with majors in Marketing and Global Business, and received the Area Award for Marketing
in the 1998.  He has been an Admissions Counselor at the Latin American Campus for
both Ave Maria University and University of Mobile.  He also has experience in
merchandising, retail management, and agribusiness.


Anielka Baltodano
Admissions Counselor

Anielka is an Admission Counselor for Nicaragua and internationally.  She graduated from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (U.N.A.N), with her Bachelors degree and a major in Psychology in 2008.  Prior to joining the Ave Maria University Latin American Campus Admissions team in 2012, Anielka worked in the Admissions Office of Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (U.N.I.C.I.T.) 


Gretel Duarte
Admissions Counselor, Managua

Gretel is from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, and she works out of the Keiser University International Language Institute in Managua.  She graduated from Ave Maria University Latin American Campus in 2008 with her Bachelors degree in Business Administration and concentrations in Finance and Global Business.  She has experience in transportation and logistics, international customer service and she owned and operated her own business. 


Ileana Gómez
Admissions Counselor

Ileana earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Universidad Central
de Nicaragua in 2009 and she completed a post graduate program in Project Formulation
and Evaluation that same year.  Before coming to the Admissions Office, Ileana previously
worked in the Business and Financial Aid offices.  In addition to Nicaragua, Ileana also
visits high schools and helps students and parents from southern Honduras and


Lilliam Montiel Santana
Admissions Counselor

Liliam is from Granada, Nicaragua, the oldest city on the continental mainland still standing on its original site.  She graduated from the Jesuit Universidad Centroamericana (U.C.A.) in 2011 with her Bachelors degree in Business Administration.  While an undergraduate,  Liliam participated in the UGRAD Undergraduate Exchange for a semester at Minnesota State University.  She is fluent in Spanish and English and speaks Portuguese.


Rodrigo Paz
Admissions Counselor, El Salvador

Rodrigo is the Keiser University Latin American Campus Admissions Counselor for El
Salvador, based in the capital, San Salvador.  He graduated from Ave Maria University’s
Latin American Campus in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and minor in Management.  He was an active participant in pastoral life and sports.  He is the point person for students and parents in all of El Salvador.


Bagnya Quintanilla
Admission Counselor

Bagnya is from the city of Masaya the cradle of Nicaraguan folklore.  She graduated from
Ave Maria University Latin American Campus in May 2010 with a Bachelors degree in
Business Administration and a Concentration in Marketing.  Bagnya previously worked as
an Admissions Counselor with the Ave Maria Language Institute.  She counsels students
and parents from Nicaragua and El Salvador as well as internationally.


Astrid Valle
Admissions Counselor

A native San Salvador, Astrid graduated from Ave Maria University Latin American Campus
in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in International Relations & Politics and a minor in
Business Administration.  She received the Veritatis Splendor Award for her integrity and
passion to social work in San Marcos with youth and the elderly.  Astrid visits high schools
throughout Nicaragua as well as advising students and parents from El Salvador and internationally.


Arlen Vega
Admissions Counselor

Arlen graduated from Universidad Internacional de la Integración de América Latina
(U.N.I.V.A.L.) with her Bachelors degree in International Tourism in 2004.  She has
experience in customer service in Managua, in human resources in export processing
zones an in administration of tourism project.  She has volunteered with youth
entrepreneurs and as an electoral observer.  Arlen counsels and assists students and
parents from Nicaragua and internationally.


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