If you follow Keiser University’s social media outlets, you may have noticed some buzz about an event that took place at the Jacksonville campus: the 2nd Annual K-Ulympics. This annual event is the course project for students in the Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology program who are in their Sports Marketing and Promotions course.


This year’s K-Ulympics featured three different games where programs went head to head with one another:

  • Fit Food Frenzy – A relay-race, food eating competition where teams scramble to finish 16 different food items including oversized campfire marshmallows, wasabi, and even crunchy anchovies
  • Sight Unseen – A blindfolded, Pictionary-type relay race where members of the team must draw an object without the use of their sight
  • Bucket Ball – An oversized water pong game played with big buckets and dodgeballs where teams square off in tournament-play


Teams receive points toward their overall score based on their placement finishes in each event.

This year’s competition featured three large teams battling it out representing the Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) program, the Radiologic Technology program, and the Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology associate’s program. While the teams finished differently in all events, the PTA program was left standing tall when the dust had settled.


This year’s event hosted over 60 members of the KU Jacksonville community and was considered a huge success and a tremendous learning opportunity for the Marketing class who will likely be asked to host any number of different, large-scale events as exercise science practitioners.