West Palm Beach campus Bachelor of Arts in Psychology students, Natalia Rivera and Stephanie Reyes, joined campus administration at the Executive Women of the Palm Beaches (EWPB) Women in Leadership Awards luncheon.  They were invited by the EWPB Foundation because the foundation awarded Natalia and Stephanie $1,500 scholarships.  The criteria that the students met included:

  1. The recipient shall be a full-time female student in good standing.
  2. The recipient shall maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  3. The recipient must demonstrate financial need.
  4. The recipient must be a resident of Palm Beach County.
  5. The recipient shall be a person who would benefit from a mentoring relationship.
  6. The recipient must have a demonstrated track record of community service.

Both women were recommended by faculty and administration and they submitted their own biography to apply.  This is an annual scholarship the EWPB Foundation offers.

Scholarship May 2017 1 - The Executive Women Of The Palm Beaches Awarded Two West Palm Beach Students Scholarships - Seahawk Nation