Keiser University Sarasota campus Law Enforcement Operations program students recently processed a mock crime scene that was designed to determine if a victim died as a result of a homicide, suicide, or accidental drug overdose.


Led by Lt. Barry Sullivan, the Forensic Application II class members gathered a firearm, a spent shell casing and a handwritten note, along with drugs and drug paraphernalia. They then conducted fingerprint and chemical presumptive tests in an attempt to verify the identity of the suspect along with the presence of blood. Having concluded their thorough investigation, the group is now compiling reports relating to their findings which they will present to the class.


Keiser University’s Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Operations program prepares students for career positions in various areas within the field of law enforcement.  It provides students with in depth exposure into the criminal justice system and the forensic investigations field.  The BSLEO is delivered through a unique hybrid format to maximize student learning and promote career development in a flexible scheduled format while also maximizing efficiency in resources.  Fundamental areas critical to both public and private sector entry-level positions are included in the program such as crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, introduction to law enforcement, criminal investigation, forensic photography and police communications report writing.  In addition, the program prepares students with competencies in real-world applications that emphasize identifying, locating, documenting, collecting and preserving evidence within legal frameworks.  Students may select from concentrations in Law Enforcement, Forensic Investigation, or Courts and Corrections.