Keiser University student Angel Morales has redefined his vision of success thanks to his involvement in the university’s Greatness Leadership Initiative: Transforming the World in the Face of Change.


Founded by Keiser University Vice Chancellor of Community Relations and Student Advancement Belinda Keiser in partnership with Don Yaeger, the author of Greatness: The 16 Characteristics of True Champions, the initiative was launched as part of the university’s Fall 2020 semester and is a call to action stemming from the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID19. Embraced widely by thousands of participants, it has provided inspiring insights from a variety of vibrant, service-oriented, and innovative leaders.


After participating in each session, Morales, a College of Golf student veteran has refined his view of success while overcoming life’s obstacles. “As a disabled United States Army veteran, the past four years have been the hardest of my life so thankfully the program’s testimonies have provided me with new perspectives relating to how challenges can be overcome. My definition of greatness is now completely different as I learn the byproducts of it are forgiveness, love, empathy, and humbleness, to mention a few,” he said. “I’m thankful for my Keiser University experience. It feels like home here.”