Keiser University Sarasota campus Fire Science Department Chair Tim Beattie is supporting area friends and neighbors  by coordinating a COVID 19 test site.


Beattie became involved with the effort when he was contacted by local emergency response educators and consultants to run a state sponsored testing site through the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Having equipped the facility to test up to 200 people per day 7 days per week, Beattie oversees 10 nurses, 16 National Guard soldiers and 4 armed security officers who all contribute toward the effort. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in such an important part of keeping our communities safe. The more people that we can test, the better equipped everyone will be in protecting our friends and relatives. Our way of life will continue to change and it is everyone’s responsibility to make it safer,” said Beattie.


In addition to gratified community members, Keiser University colleagues also share their appreciation. “Captain Beattie continues to show his magnanimous commitment to the welfare of our citizens and shines as a great Keiser University representative and leader,” said Nursing faculty member Dr. Terry Doire. “I was able to see him in action when I stopped by the site, and the entire facility was so organized,” she said.


Keiser University’s Associate of Science degree in Fire Science provides instruction in fire prevention methods, fire detection systems, fire codes, fire investigation rescue, safety and salvage procedures, hazardous materials, pump operations, fire behavior, plan reading, and extinguishment. This program assists in qualifying firefighters for management positions with the Fire Service.


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