Keiser University’s Flagship Campus’ Advanced Accounting class was recently reminded of the fruitful job market thanks to a presentation from Lindsay Heysler of Robert Half Management Resources.

While detailing specifics relating to interview techniques and the various types of accounting positions available, Heysler shared that it’s a ‘job candidate’s market’ with a Palm Beach County unemployment rate of only two percent. She also imparted advice relating to behavioral interview scenarios and relayed the value of remaining authentic while showing enthusiasm for a position, the importance of professional appearance and demeanor, and that candidates should convey to potential employers that they are ‘moldable’ and able to fit into their organization’s culture.

“We are thankful for Ms. Heysler’s presentation. Although many of our students are aware that degreed accounting professionals are in high demand, the fact that Ms. Heysler was able to share specific interview tips and industry statistics was very beneficial,” said Lisa Prue, Department Chair of the Keiser University Flagship Campus’ Accounting Department.